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Payment Gateway integration

What is payment gateway integration?

A payment gateway is a software of e-commerce which performs an important role in processing and authorizes the payments for online merchants, bricks and clicks or traditional brick, electronic business, and mortar business. Basically, it is an interface between the customers and the merchants that securely takes the money from the bank account of the customer and send it in the bank account of the merchant. It encrypts sensitive information and payment details like the number of credit card and gives the guarantee that the information is passed securely between the merchant and customer.

Working of payment gateway integration

There are five basic steps that tell the working of payment gateway integration. These basic payment gateway integration steps are given below:

  • A customer visited on e-commerce site and placed an order and checkout from the cart.
  • Then the merchant transfers the information of the order to the e-payment gateway integration which allows the customer to pay with their preferred method of payment. Then the transaction is routed to the 3D secure page for authentication.
  • After this step of authentication, the transaction is authorized and declined by the bank or card.
  • According to this, the payment gateway sends the message to the merchant.
  • In last, the bank settles the money with a payment gateway which then settles the money with the merchant.

Methods of payment gateway integration

  • Simple checkout method.
  • Advanced integration method.
  • Direct post method.
  • Server integration method.

Payment gateway integration pros

  • There are no security concerns.
  • Branding is maintained.
  • You do not need a PCI compliant website.
  • You can maintain customer sensitive data.
  • Connection to Payment Gateway needs to be made only once.

Payment gateway integration cons

  • You will need an SSL certificate.
  • You need to improve security on your website since you will be maintaining customer details.
  • A customer has to leave your site to make the payment.