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A logo is defined as a symbol or emblem, a small design that acts as a trademark or an identification tool for an organization and commercial enterprises. They can be completely graphic or may include some text or name/initials of an organization. They are the outer face of any organization and imparts the first impressions about the brands on the minds of customers. A logo is an identification symbol of a business, by putting up a logo we are representing the brand of the company.

Importance of Logo

A logo plays a crucial role in the success of any business or organization. It is the main centerpiece of the branding scheme.

It acts as a medium of communication between the organization and the customers. It conducts a message, the company’s values, feelings to the customer. Logos impart the first-time impression on the minds of the customer and as we know that the first impression is the everlasting one. For making a pertinent logo design, one should acquire creative skills, designing skills and knows the proper application of skills.

Effective features that should be embedded in a logo design

  • A logo design should be memorable, it should be stuck within the minds of the customers, only then the business will able to touch the sky.
  • Simple logo design is more understandable and better than the complex ones. Simplest is the best.
  • A logo design should be versatile as it will be widely used on different online platforms so the file format should be versatile for every platform.

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