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Responsive web design

Web designing is the process of developing unique and dynamic websites. It covers various aspects such as graphic design, content production, and web page layout. Websites are primarily meant to create markup language like Hypertext markup language (HTML). Professional web designers develop web pages using HTML tags that specify web content as well as metadata of different pages. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which is a programming language, are also used to define the presentation of HTML elements in a specific web page. In short, the majority of websites contains a blend of HTML and CSS that clearly describethe appearance and layout of a page in a browser.

Presently, responsive website designing has gained popularity amongst the public soon after the introduction of user-friendly sites by internet giant Google.It is found to be helpful in enhancing search engine rankings.

E-commerce web development

E-commerceweb development is a process of creating mobile-friendly e-commerce sites. It incorporates innovative trends such as Chatbots, UX along with the integration of social media tools to boost user experience. It comprises of push notifications, integration of social media tools and standard registration.

  • Those companies who have an e-commerce site should request the potential internet users to create a valid account to execute purchase seamlessly. As a result, it will be very helpful for them to interact with the guests and promote future sales of the firm.
  • It is also useful to analyze sales by tracking the demographic profile of customers across the globe.
  • Frequent customers would prefer to register and avail the benefits of holding an account.
  • Instant notifications with respect to future sales will be automatically sent to their registered e-mail.
  • Entities should make sure that there is search functionality in E-commerce sites. This would enable customers to track products with ease.

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